How can I support you?

I offer several different 121 options to suit your time and budget in order to explore how intuitive eating can change your life.

I love to include mindfulness and visualisation exercises, breath work and EFT tapping into my sessions and workshops. If you are open to enhancing your experience by learning some simple self-care tools to incorporate into your daily life, then I would love to explore these with you! 

As a family feeding expert I work mostly with the parents to achieve amazing results for the whole family.

To find out more, contact me to discuss your specific needs and goals in a free 15 minute discovery call!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez two people sitting at a white large table, one is holding a cup, the other is holding a book, a plant in a white plant pot is on the table next to a black plate with chocolate muffins

Nutrition and Eating habits Check

A one-off session  to help you get clarity on what you can do to feel great and be more relaxed around food 


121 consultations

If you are ready to heal your relationship with food and your body, these sessions are for you! 

Initial consultations, follow-up sessions as well as shorter check-ins


counselling Package

To reward your commitment this package includes the initial consultation and 4 follow-up sessions to be taken at your own pace 


Masterclasses and workshops

These are relaxed and informal sessions to inform, engage and give you some realistic and practical tips and strategies to navigate particular themes and topics