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Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor


It's great to see you here!

You are in the right place if you are looking for nutrition coaching with a difference and I am so glad you found me!

There is so much conflicting and confusing information out there when it comes to nutrition, it feels overwhelming at times, doesn't it? 

Do you feel a little stuck, have been on the dieting hamster wheel for a while and lost trust in yourself and food?

Do you feel anxious about letting go of food rules, about putting on weight and about trying something different?

Do you just want to have more time to do the things you enjoy, feel happier, fitter and healthier?

This is where I can help! 

I want to support you in nourishing your body and mind so that you can spend your time doing things that you love and that make you happy. I hold space for you and can offer you reassurance, advice and support on your intuitive eating journey. 

By working with me you will develop trust in yourself and around food, learn skills to cope better and more effectively with emotions, and increase your self-awareness and self-esteem. 

In intuitive eating we shift the focus from external cues and messages to our internal signals so that we give ourselves and our bodies what is needed!

Did you know that intuitive eating can be helpful when you suffer from digestive issues, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, negative body image and more? It can be highly effective in eating disorder recovery and works beautifully as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to improving mental health.


It is a gentle way of getting back in tune with what you are really hungry for!

I use a weight-inclusive anti-diet approach in all my consultations to promote Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size® (HAES) message. This means I will work with you on rejecting diet culture messages, making peace with food and getting to know what your body needs and what makes you feel great, rather than giving you diet rules and food plans. 

I believe that to be engaged you must feel included and valued for who you are, your perspectives and thoughts need to be respected and your lived experience must be honoured. My commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience informs my work and allows you to be YOU.

There is lots more information in my FAQ section. And for anything I haven't answered on this site you can always get in touch with me or check out my social media accounts for regular posts on my views about nutrition, feeding and looking after yourself.

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Please note: you will need to book a discovery call before booking a session with me

- that way we can establish if we are a good fit and how I can best support you on your journey!


Child and Family nutrition

Start off on the right path with your baby * Help your family become intuitive eaters * Stop mealtime battles * Learn to parent in a body-positive way * Develop a great relationship with food for the whole family



I have just started my journey with Intuitive Eating. The support from Ela Law has been great and has helped me examine my relationship with food. I recommend joining her group and workshops if you want to ditch the diet for ever.



"I attended Ela's workshop on baby-led weaning, with an idea that I may try this way of weaning, and I'm so pleased I did! The workshop answered all concerns I had, particularly about what foods my son Jack could or couldn't have and risks associated with weaning like choking..

I'd thoroughly recommend the workshop if you're thinking about weaning. It gave me the confidence to try baby-led weaning and Jack and I are enjoying the experience."




"Really pleased I attended - I have a lot more confidence to go through baby-led weaning... All the information on BLW and videos were great, and one-to-one experience was very helpful and informative."


Intuitive Eating

Stop obsessing about food and weight * Develop a peaceful relationship with food * Start eating for satisfaction * Learn to listen to your body's cues for what you really need and what you are really hungry for * Gain freedom from rules and restriction * Use gentle nutrition to honour your health

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"If you don't love it, don't eat it; and if you love it, savour it"

Evelyn Tribole

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