I am a big fan of sharing resources and recommending other businesses and therapists, coaches and counsellors whose work is aligned with a non-diet approach and inclusive.

This page is doing exactly that!


My recommendations for books, podcasts and blogs/articles (I will only recommend those that I have personally read and listened to and I put a link to the original source so you can use your discretion as to where to buy it!), as well as coaches and counsellors that are experts in areas outside of my professional competence and offer services that complement intuitive eating and are aligned with a weight-inclusive approach. (Disclaimer: I know these practitioners on a business and networking level and haven’t used their services myself. I have used the information given to me and my personal knowledge of them to inform this list)

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Intuitive Eating (Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch)

Anti-Diet (Christy Harrison)

Just Eat It (Laura Thomas)

The Body is not an apology (Sonya Renee Taylor)

Health at Every Size (Lindo Bacon)

Body Respect (Lindo Bacon)

Radical Belonging (Lindo Bacon)

Fearing the Black Body (Sabrina Strings)

Babyled weaning (Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett)

Unapologetic Eating (Alissa Rumsey)

Food isn't Medicine (Dr Joshua Wolrich)

8 Keys to Recovery from and Eating Disorder (Carolyn Costin & Gwen Shubert Grabb)

More than a body (Lindsay & Lexie Kite)



FoodPsych (Christy Harrison)

Don't Salt My Game (Laura Thomas)

Redefining Health and Wellness (Shohreh Davoodi)

The Binge Eating Dietitian (Jo Moscalu)

Maintenance Phase  (Aubrey Gordon & Michael Hobbes)

Ten Percent Happier (Dan Harris)

The F*ck it Diet Podcast (Caroline Dooner)

The Joyful Movement Show (Kim Hagle)

Train Happy Podcast (Tally Rye)

Fit Friends Happy Hour (Katie Hake)

Fierce Fatty Podcast (Victoria Welsby)

Nourishing Women Podcast (Victoria Myers)


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Coaches, therapists, counsellors

(local to Sevenoaks)

Action Woman Emma Jeffreys

Emma is an Accredited Coach and Licensed NLP Practitioner living in Tunbridge Wells. She feels passionately that we have one precious life and that too many people compromise their own happiness and growth because they are afraid or lack confidence or can’t quite see how to get to where they want to get to.

Blossom Hypnotherapy Celia Griver

Celia is passionate about helping you enjoy your life. She provides therapy that is personal to her clients and respects and values who they are. She uses cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and mindfulness techniques in her practice and offers online and face-to-face appointments.

Emma Grist Pilates Emma Grist

Emma’s teaching is open to all and she has clients that vary in terms of age, fitness levels and experience of Pilates. She promotes practising Pilates as the movements help to maintain and improve strength and flexibility. 

The Enjoy Movement Carole Dowling

Carole and her team help you enjoy the benefits of exercise: more energy, better mood, strong body and mind. You get there with motivation, expertise, accountability and support from The Enjoy Movement, who specialise in fun, inclusive and enjoyable exercise for women.

The Loving Life Coach Kathy Hayman

Kathy is a life/business coach helping female entrepreneurs create positive change and success their way.  Her focus is in helping women gain balance in their lives so they have time for the things they enjoy and want to focus on and ultimately love their lives.  She is all about women feeling their best in their business and personal lives – whatever that looks like for them.