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I offer the following group workshops:


BABY-LED WEANING - raising intuitive and competent eaters

A fun and interactive group session on this fabulous weaning method, providing you with everything you need to get started, plus complementary follow-up support until your baby is 1 year old. This can be online or in the comfort of your house. Groups of max. 8 people (plus babies, of course!). Please contact me for dates or if you have a group of interested parents/carers.

Workshop length: 2 hrs

Workshop cost: £150 per group of up to 8

NEW! Online group workshops 

A 2-hour dive into an intuitive eating topic. Each workshop includes some breathing work and a mindfulness meditation, an informative talk about the topic plus exercises to give you the opportunity to explore your own relationship with food, eating, your body and your beliefs and habits. It's a fabulous way to focus on a particular aspect of intuitive eating. All you need is a pen and paper, somewhere quiet to hang out and a nice cuppa! You will receive an information and worksheet ahead of the workshop.


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Workshop 1: Path to permission

Unconditional, unapologetic, unrestricted. Together, we will explore the cycle of restriction and bingeing, how deprivation can be sneaky, how to overcome the fear of 'I can't stop eating' and how to make your permission to eat unconditional. You will leave knowing what your own restriction and deprivation behaviours are, how to start trusting yourself around food again, and how to use mindfulness in noticing conditional eating. 

Dates for 2021: 27th February (3-5pm), 10th March (10-12am)

Cost: £25

Workshop 2: are you eating your emotions

Are you an 'emotional eater'? Is that a bad thing? What is emotional eating anyway? All these questions and more will be answered in this workshop. We will practice self-compassion and look at what triggers our emotions. We will explore the spectrum of emotional eating and build your own personal toolkit for coping with your emotions with kindness. Become comfortable with your emotions and kind with yourself.

Dates for 2021: 27th March (3-5pm), 21st April (10-12am)

Cost: £25

Workshop 3: satisfaction, not perfection

The satisfaction of eating can be elusive if we base our food choices on 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts'. In this workshop we will explore how to work out what you really like, how to eat mindfully, and how you can make eating truly satisfying. You will leave with a plan to incorporate mindfulness and the pleasure principle into your meals. Eat with joy, eat with pleasure, eat for satisfaction.

Dates for 2021: 8th May (3-5pm), 19th May (10-12am)

Cost: £25

Book all three workshops for £60 (when booked at the same time - please contact me directly for this option)

coming soon!!

Permission to eat - the course

12 week INTUITIVE EATING, body respect and mindfulness course

This course can totally change your life! It is for anyone who is sick of dieting and wanting to find a way to develop a happy and peaceful relationship with eating and their body and to reclaim the time spent obsessing about food and weight so they can spend it on things that really matter. Small groups will ensure time to discuss individual questions and concerns and will allow a deeper dig into the principles. Weekly tasks will reinforce what you learnt and help you put it into practice. We will cover all 10 intuitive eating principles and how mindfulness can be an integral part to recovering from dieting; guest speakers and activity leaders will contribute valuable insight into how to reframe your mindset, change negative belief systems and how to move intuitively.

Courses run at different times of the year, the first one will launch in April of 2021.  Please contact me if you would like to be added to the waiting list. I am currently planning a face-to-face course in Sevenoaks as well as an online course that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Session length: 1.5 hours

12 weeks for once per week

Course cost: £399pp (monthly payment plan option available)


Ela Law Nutrition, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

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