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Why would you want to work with an Intuitive Eating Counsellor?

Intuitive eating can’t be that hard, surely you can just buy a book on it and give it a go?

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Well, if that works for you, that’s fantastic! I would love for people to be able to incorporate it into their lives and use one of the many amazing books that have been written by equally amazing nutritionists and dietitians (have a look at my resources list for inspiration!)

But why could working with and intuitive eating counsellor be helpful for you?

1. Stepping away from diet culture can be challenging

We are immersed in diet culture, it’s literally everywhere you look. If it’s not overtly advertising the latest weight-loss ‘solution’, it is shaming you into feeling ‘unhealthy’ and guilty for not eating ‘the right things’. Navigating through the jungle of weight-bias and fat-shaming can be hard, and you may initially feel like it’s you against the world. You may have lots of well-meaning people concerned that intuitive eating will not solve your weight-problem and therefore not be the best thing to do; you may have doctors tell you that the only way to health is through weight-loss; you may be enticed by the clever marketing strategies of the diet and wellness industries.

Having someone to have your back while you are working all this intuitive eating stuff out, someone who can reassure you that you are doing great, someone who can support you with practical advice, someone who guides you to find what works for you, can be super helpful.

2. Issues might come up that need unpacking

While you are figuring out how to incorporate the intuitive eating principles into your life, some things might bubble up to the surface that you may wish to confront and explore. An intuitive eating counsellor will know how to deal with this. They will know what questions to ask in order to unpack unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and they can support you in reframing them.

You may think you have asked all the important questions, but when you delve deeper into the intuitive eating principles, questions may come up that you find difficult to answer just by reading a book. If you are working with a counsellor, you can ask them to clarify, point you in the right direction, help you find the answer within you.

3. It’s useful to have support to stay on the right track

It will be easy to be swayed away from intuitive eating while there are still diet mentality remnants lingering. This is totally normal for most people, given how all-encompassing diet culture is in our society. Having someone to support you and remind you that intuitive eating is not something you can fail at, but that it is a process that needs patience and practice, can be invaluable to move forward on your journey.