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Have you made your new year's resolution yet?

Many of us love the idea of starting fresh in the new year – learning something new, taking more time to do things we like, having new experiences. This is great, because it is likely to enrich our lives or at least to tick something off our ‘bucket list’. I have done my fair share of them, some successfully, some got ditched pretty soon after starting them. Generally, I feel that we should try new things all year round, not just because it’s January, but I totally get the feeling of new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start that happens to many people around this time of year.

Having said all that, many of us also feel that the new year is a great time for a new diet or exercise programme. Especially now that we have been confined to our homes a lot during the pandemic, we have been bombarded with messages about the detrimental effects of weight gain and we feel like we need to ‘do something about our health’.

There are a few problems with this. Firstly, weight is NOT a behaviour and not an indicator of health. Secondly, and as you will have heard me say many times before: diets for weight loss don’t work for 95%+ people long term. For most people, dieting will lead to worse mental health (including anxiety, disordered eating behaviours, stress), and ultimately to weight gain (due e.g. changes in metabolism, hormones, eating behaviours). Initially, any weight loss will be celebrated, and going to the gym 3x a week will feel great. Then life happens and we ‘lapse’ – we stop our sober January, we cut down on our gym trips, our restrictive diet has led to us to giving in to very strong cravings for foods we didn’t allow ourselves to have, and then we feel like failures for not sticking with all these wonderful wellness plans.

How about starting the new year NOT with another diet or exercise regime, but with a new mindset around food, eating and movement that will make 2021 happier and more enjoyable, to make movement and exercise sustainable for you, and that frees up your time to spend on things that are really important?

How about learning about the principles of intuitive eating and learning about how intuitive eating can make your relationship with food peaceful, can help you to stop listening to negative thoughts, comments and beliefs, can encourage you to respect your body and teach you how gentle nutrition will make you feel?

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