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Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt

Every time the year ends and another begins I feel energised and hopeful. 'Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt' is a German saying that means ‘hope dies last’. I like that saying because it conveys the message that whatever the situation, whatever has happened, there is always hope that things will get better again. I know this is a bit cheesy, especially when tied to the new year, but without hope there wouldn’t be activism, research, or progress. On a personal level, I love the new year as an opportunity to try new things, have a whole new year as a blank canvas that I can design as I wish and that beckons with new adventures. (Didn’t quite work out last year with a pandemic thrown into the mix, but let’s hope that 2021 will be different!!)

A person enjoying the beautiful sunrise at the beach, standing in the sea and feeling energised

To go back to the topic of hope: While we can hope for big things like world peace, stopping the pandemic in its tracks, saving the environment, or an end to oppression of all forms, some of these things are sadly not within our immediate control. And whilst we need to work together to get the big shit done, we can also look at things we can control and that we can change for ourselves. That way we can dismantle structures that don’t serve us and pave the way for others to follow suit.

I wish for peace, of course! But apart from a peaceful world, as an intuitive eating counsellor I wish that people wake up to the fact that life is precious (and short, as many of us have found out this year), and that wasting our time fighting with our bodies, with food and with people who tell us we need to shrink/modify our bodies is harmful and takes our attention away from what really matters: being ourselves unapologetically, living our best lives, loving and laughing, getting angry and fighting against injustice and being free from oppressive rules (including those of diet culture).

A woman with a 'love' strappy top and some ammunition in her hat, flexing her biceps and looking determined, wearing mirrored sunglasses with the reflection of the photographer

My hope is that more people will open their minds to different ideas in the nutrition arena and find a path that doesn’t judge, but that is curious, that doesn’t restrict, but that permits, that doesn’t moralise, but that wakes up the spirit. My hope is also that those that have it within their power will use the increasing body of scientific evidence to inform their policies, their practices and their recommendation so that everyone feels like they are important, valued and cared for.

two cupped hands holding a seedling of a fern over a forest floor

I would love for the intuitive eating and Health at Every Size® Community to grow, to become more vocal, and to help people find a way out of the rabbit hole that dieting has dug for them. </