baby eating crisp bread looking at the camera
Photo by Luis Arias cute baby with cream over face eating cake
Photo by Christian Bowen cute girl eating watermelon in the summer

Baby-led weaning made easy!

Get ready for your baby's food adventure! You will gain the knowledge and confidence in supporting your baby when they move on to solid foods and use baby-led weaning to help your baby to become the intuitive eater they were born to be.

If you are interested in baby-led weaning but you don't quite know what it is all about and how to do it, this course is for you!

 It will tell you all you need to know in order to get started and will help you feel confident in your ability to support your baby to become a competent and confident eater. 

Booking the course will give you unlimited access to 7 chapters of information on what baby-led weaning is, what foods are appropriate to give to your child, what equipment you need and what to do when things go off plan. In addition, you will get a bonus chapter outlining the principles of intuitive eating, which will be helpful for you and the whole family.


You will receive a helpful handout for your reference, with all the information from the course, plus a list of recommended resources for further reading. 

You can do the course in your own time, as there is no time limit for completing it - it's designed to fit in with any schedule and routine in order to work best for YOU!

You will also get exclusive access to a closed Facebook group just for course participants. This is super helpful for sharing experiences and photos, asking questions and getting support from other parents. 

And as a special extra you will also receive a 30 minute phone or video call with me, to ask questions and discuss anything in relation to using baby-led weaning with your baby.  

If you are ready to have a great weaning experience that helps your baby to develop independence, lets them learn how to eat safely and competently and gives you a simple solution to feeding your baby, just hit the button below to book!