If group workshops aren't your thing or the timings don't work for you, you can book a private consultation with me. Get personalised support, tailored to your needs and timescale.

Intuitive Eating

Together we will explore how you can gain back control over your wellbeing and work on the intuitive eating principles as they apply to you. The sessions are tailored to you and don't follow a particular structure. I will not provide meal plans or give you food rules to follow. Weight will not be the focus, but instead we will investigate how you can put your wellbeing and happiness first. 

Initial consultation (1hr): £70

Follow up session (50mins) £50

Block of 4 follow up sessions (50mins each): £180

Baby-led weaning

I will teach you the basic principles of baby-led weaning and provide you with all the necessary information, tailored to you and your family, to get started on your baby's food adventure. You will receive a comprehensive hand out and follow-up email or phone support until your baby turns 1.

Consultation (1.5hrs): £60

Family feeding

You may have a picky eater in the house, you may feel like you are a bit stuck in terms of food and eating or you may want to explore how you can make mealtimes more enjoyable. This session will talk you through common feeding issues and how to deal with them, as well as give you lots of ideas for changes to take the battle out of mealtimes. We will touch on nutrition as well as who is responsible for what when it comes to food in the house.

Consultation (1.5 hrs): £60

Ela Law Nutrition, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK