Intuitive Eating Counselling

Does any of this resonate with you?

- you are fed up with obsessing about food and dieting

- your body image isn't great

- you often feel guilty or ashamed 

- you just want to be healthier and fitter

- you feel a bit stuck and unhappy

- you are worried about putting on weight

- you are an emotional eater

- you have tried everything but you just can't seem to lose the weight

- you are unhappy with your body and weight

- you just want to enjoy food

- you want to have more time to do the things you really love

- you want your children to grow up having a healthy relationship with food

Intuitive Eating counselling and coaching can help you get unstuck. You will feel happier and healthier in your body. You will be less anxious and confused around food and develop a deep trust in yourself that will guide you to give your body what it needs. 

Together we will explore how you can gain back control over your wellbeing and work on the intuitive eating principles as they apply to you. The sessions are tailored to you and don't follow a particular structure. I will not provide meal plans or give you food rules to follow. Weight will not be the focus, but instead we will investigate how you can put your wellbeing and happiness first. 



Initial consultation (60mins): £70

Follow-up session (50mins) £50

Package (initial consultation plus 4x50mins follow-up sessions): £250

One-off nutrition and eating habits check (90mins): £95

Please book a free discovery call for any one-off or initial consultation!

Baby-led weaning

Baby-led weaning is the first step to becoming an intuitive eater. Often our food hang-ups start in early childhood, so allowing your baby to trust their own cues for hunger and satiety will be a wonderful way to send them off on their food adventure. I will teach you the basic principles of baby-led weaning and provide you with all the necessary information, tailored to you and your family, to get started on your baby's exploration of solid foods. You will receive a comprehensive hand out and follow-up email or phone support until your baby turns 1.

Consultation (1hr): £60

Family feeding

You may have a picky eater in the house, you may feel like you are a bit stuck in terms of food and eating or you may want to explore how you can make mealtimes more enjoyable. This session will talk you through common feeding issues and how to deal with them, as well as give you lots of ideas for changes to take the battle out of mealtimes. We will touch on nutrition as well as who is responsible for what when it comes to food in the house. 

Consultation (1hr): £60