Be at peace...


If group workshops aren't for you or you have limited time, I can offer one-to-one consultations, either in person or via Zoom or phone. During the consultation we will discuss in detail the issues and questions you have around a particular topic (e.g. weaning, nutrition worries, breaking free from dieting) and I will provide you with support and guidance.

Intuitive Eating

As an intuitive eating counsellor I will help you break free from diet culture, develop compassion for yourself and your body, make peace with food and support you in finding out what your needs are in order to make you feel great and focus on things that really matter.

I will work with you to dismantle unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about food and eating, navigate your way through damaging dieting messages and introduce strategies and skills to develop awareness of your body's needs. This process is very individual and each client will receive support that is tailored to their needs. I integrate mindfulness and meditation as well as movement into my sessions.

Note: I will not be able to work with anyone who who has an active eating disorder, please contact BEAT (Beat Eating Disorders) to get help and support.