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My Values

My vision for the world and society is simple yet ambitious: I want it to be inclusive, open, supportive and with meaningful connections for every individual. I believe that everybody should feel that they belong and are part of the bigger whole.


As a certified intuitive eating counsellor and non-diet nutritionist I want to hold space for you and support you on your own path of meeting your needs and liberating yourself from the constraints of diet culture and weight stigma. 


Connection is so important in order to feel that we belong, are seen and heard. Connecting on a level that lets us be authentic and speak our truth, share our lived experience and feel valued will improve our own individual wellbeing as well as have a ripple effect for society.


Support is a key aspect of my work. Rather than telling people what to do, I want to support them on their journey by listening, reflecting, questioning, guiding.


Openness and transparency is something I highly value. Being open to new ideas, new ways of seeing the world, to learning and to growing as a person. I take this seriously by educating myself constantly about social injustice, nutrition and non-diet approaches to health. I also believe it’s crucial to admit to my limits and boundaries and not promise things I can’t keep.


Inclusivity is at the heart of what I do: I reject weight-stigma and weight-bias, and advocate for Health at Every Size® approaches in working with clients. My aim is to be open to all, to challenge and break down barriers, to educate myself continuously about social injustice and discrimination and actively stand against it. I am still learning!

If your values align with mine and you would like to explore how working with me can help you develop a happier and healthier relationship with food then 

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